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  • What if I find a couple of missed hairs after my wax?
    I try my best to never let this happen, but it can happen unfortunately. I offer touch ups within the 5 days after your wax appointment. Don't feel bad to ask for a touch up if needed! (No free touch ups after 5 days). It is normal to have a few hairs on occasion pop up from under the skin. They may have been trapped under the skin prior to exfoliating with the wax or a new growth cycle is coming in.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for a wax?
    1. Make sure that the hair is long enough. No you do not need to trim. 2. Exfoliate, moisturize and drink plenty of water. Avoid too much caffeine the day of. 3. Take an ibuprofen if you are worried about pain. 4. Come in with clean skin and no lotion right before your wax.
  • What kind of wax do you use?
    I use only hard wax. It is great for all skin types and especially sensitve skin to ensure that the waxing is as painless and as comfortable as possible. Hard wax adheres only to the hairs, not the skin. I use only the best quality wax with the best ingredients on the market.
  • How long does the hair need to be for waxing?
    Your hair needs to be 1/4 an inch long, length of a grain of rice or pinchable with the tip of your fingers (not your finger nails). If the hair is not long enough when you come in for your service, I can't guarentee that all the hairs will be able to be picked up by the wax.
  • How long will my wax last?
    Everyone's hair grows at different rates. What I can guarantee is that it comes in fewer, sparse, and softer. You'll slowly begin to see hairs here and there grow back within the first couple of weeks. When you come back in around 4 weeks it's usually about half as much hair as your initial visit. This makes it half as painful and easier for both you and me!
  • How do I care for my wax at home?
    Exfoliate every few days. I always recommend a sugar scrub or salt scrub. Apply on dry skin before getting in the shower to make it more scrubby. Avoid using loofas and old wash clothes, as they harbor bacteria and can increase your chances of ingrowns. Beware that tight fitting clothes, such as leggings or non breathable fabrics can increase your chance of ingrowns. Use a moisturizer daily. Be regular with your waxes. Every 3-5 weeks is best. Avoiding tanning, exercise, hot tubs and intercourse for the first 24 hours.
  • How long do I wait to shower?
    Wait 8-10 hours to shower. You can keep it on up to 24 hours, but will want to shower before a whole day.
  • How long does the tan last?
    7-10 days depending on home care. Spray tans don't create a layer of color over your skin and then fade off. Its actually having a reaction with the enzymes in your skin which creates the darker appearance. The life of the tan depends on the prep and home care after your tan has been applied. So by exfoliating prior to your tan, you are getting as much of that old skin that is almost ready to naturally shed off. After you tan, you then want to moisturize or for best results use a tan extending lotion. This helps preserve the tan by keeping your skin as healthy and prematurely shedding. The solution I use us also aloe based which lasts longer then those made with alcohol. Things that increase the fading of your tan are rubbing with your bath towel, acne products, bar soap, anti-aging products, chlorine, salt water.
  • Will I turn orange?
    No. Sjolie tanning solutions are made with a natural DHA made from the sugar of beets. It gives a more natural color than from tanning solutions made sythetically, often found in the stores. I also recommend always sticking to a color that is appropriate for your skin tone. I have light, medium, dark and ultra dark. For example, if you are fair skinned, I usually recommend light, light/medium or medium.
  • How do i prepare for a spray tan?
    Exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your service. Use an exfoliant appropriate for tanning. So, no oily scrub right before your tan. If you wax, be sure to plan ahead so you can wax a couple days prior to your tan. Pedicures need to also be done before your tan. Moisturize your skin the day before your tan. NO LOTION DAY OF! It's best to shower as close to your tan as possible. This will help balance the PH of your skin and give your the best results. During your tan, you can wear whatever you prefer or nothing at all. I do ask males to wear bottoms of some sort. Wear dark loose clothing
  • What do I do if the bronzer moves after my tan?
    Sometimes when you put your clothes back on, lighty rub against something or whatever it may be, the bronzer that is sprayed on can move. It may appear as a streak or blotchy. My best advice is to not touch it and let it continue to soak in until the 8 hour is up and you can shower. Your biggest enemy for your tan before that 8 hours is water and sweat. The solution is water based and this may cause problem with the solution developing. Once you shower, the bronzer that is sprayed on will wash off. It is not your tan washing off.
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